Friday, May 25, 2012

Madagascar 3!

Madagascar 3 comes out in the theaters on June 8th. My daughter LOVES the first two (we frequently watch them before bed) and she was super excited to get to do some fun activities from Crowd Tap and Madagascar 3! We invited our friends over and made masks, played pin the tail on Gloria, and ate some yummy zebra cake! She's also been doing some fun activities with connect the dots and mazes a la Madagascar 3! The kids were all excited about the circus theme of the movie and they talked about how much fun they were gonna watching it!

I received a party pack from CrowdTap for this post! Sign up for your free stuff here! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

More Crowdtap/Old Navy goodness!

Ya'll know I love CrowdTap! Here's another reason. Free Old Navy stuff! Woohoo!

This time I got to bring along 3 of my friends and we each got to get a pair of shoes and a bottom. It was, after all, love your bottom half time at Old Navy! And boy did we.

Us three girls crowded into one dressing room and tried on SO many pairs of jeans, and it took us probably 20 minutes to decide which shoe to get! (We all got wedges. I got these, the Canvas Strap Mid-Wedge.) Here we are sporting some of our shoes and jeans. It was wonderful to spend time together, trying on some great clothes and having fun! Thanks Old Navy and CrowdTap for this GREAT party!

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