Saturday, May 21, 2011

Free sample of MojoMilk, plus half-off!

Before today I had never heard of MojoMilk, and now it is popping up everywhere! You can go here to request your free sample of MojoMilk!

Also, Eversave has a deal on MojoMilk today where you buy two boxes for $10, which is half off!

Mojo Milk is "a healthy and tasty chocolate drink mix, with no artificial sweeteners, MojoMilk delivers 10 times the active probiotic culture found in most yogurts. Compared to the market leader, MojoMilk has 60% less calories, 75% less carbohydrates and 80% less sugar. This kosher product is even manufactured in an eco-friendly solar powered facility, which means you can help spread the positive mojo to the environment as well."

I'm excited to get my sample! My daughter is a milk purest, so she won't be drinking it. But I do enjoy chocolate milk myself!

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