Saturday, June 4, 2011

Check your receipts for coupons!

Here's something that I didn't know about until recently; always check your receipts for coupons! Now, I have known about the Catalinas that print at Kroger and other places. What I'm talking about are actual receipts! Here's the ones I have noticed this week:

Dunkin' Donuts: Most (maybe all?) Dunkin' Donuts receipts have a place where you can take a survey at the bottom and get a free donut! The survey is 2 minutes tops, then it gives you a code you put at the bottom of the receipt! Turn it in for a free donut with a beverage purchase! I used mine today!

Rite Aid: Some of you have probably known about this for a while but since I don't normally shop at Rite Aid (I have had problems with them in the past) I am just now finding out about it! Most (all?) Rite Aid coupons print with a survey option at the bottom as well! Take the survey and print off a $3 off your $15 purchase coupon! I have used 2 of these in the last week! Free money!

Old Navy: I got a 10% off my purchase coupon from Old Navy when I filled out the survey that printed at the bottom of my receipt!

Taco Bell: While this isn't anything free, you can get entered into a drawing for $500 by calling the number and talking about your trip. Not great, unless you happen to win the $500!

So, the reminder is to check your receipts before you throw them out!

What other coupons on your receipts have you found?

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