Monday, November 11, 2013

Puma running gear!

I was given the opportunity to try out some Puma running gear thanks to Crowdtap! I received a pair of running tights, shoes, a top and a jacket.

First off, the shoes are fantastic. The moment I put them on I knew I loved them. They are supposed to move more naturally with your foot allowing more natural movement while running. They call it "adaptive footwear" and I can tell a big difference in my stride just wearing proper footwear.

The top and jacket have reflectors on them so I don't have to worry about running too late at night. I'll be able to be seen for sure.

To me the most interesting thing are the running tights. I usually don't wear anything like these when I run, I've only worn classic workout pants or shorts. These fit like tights, very snug! However, they were super comfortable, even around the waist, which is what I was concerned about. They have these powerCells on the inside of them that are designed to help keep the tights where they should be as well as giving compression when needed. There are instructions on how to get the tights on right since you have to kind of adjust them at first. I thought they were surprisingly
comfortable and kept me warm even on a brisk outdoor run. I also loved the feeling of the compression while running.Very innovative and very cool!

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