Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free stuff (Old Navy clothes, Playtex, Goldfish?) from Crowd Tap!

I've just recently joined Crowd Tap but I'm excited about it! It's a great community where you answer short polls and surveys, join discussions and share with your friends to earn cash and free stuff!

I have heard people have gotten 4 complete Old Navy outfits for FREE just by qualifying! They also got $25 just for participating!

There is a new campaign coming (we think it may be Goldfish) where hopefully they will hand out more free stuff! So join now!

I love product testing, it is a super-easy way to make a quick buck, plus keep some great products!

Check out Adventures of a Coupinista's post about her success with Crowd Tap, then check it out for yourself! It's free to join, and not a bad way to earn some extra cash, and stuff!

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