Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*UPDATE* Free Old Navy clothes!

Here's an update! If you joined or already have a Crowd Tap account and entered the Old Navy embroidered tanks sample, they have had a glitch! They accidentally denied all applicants, so be sure and go back on to Crowd Tap and reapply! Here's hoping we get some free stuff! 

You heard me right people! Crowd Tap is a totally legimate way to get free stuff like Old Navy clothes and other awesome samples (plus cold hard cash!).You can also help donate money to some of your favorite charities in the process.


Crowd Tap is a social marketing platform that rewards its members for their insights into new products and campaigns. You will answer polls, join in discussions and fill out surveys. It is actually really fun too! You have to do activities to move up in levels to be able to unlock different parts of the site. I'm level 4 right now, and I just recently started!

I have only been a member for a month or so, so I haven't gotten to participate in any samples yet. But I have other blogger friends who got coupons for ENTIRE Old Navy outfits for FREE!!

A new campaign just started for Old Navy embellished tanks! Check out Crowd Tap now to see if you can score some FREE Old Navy clothes!

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